Stories of Entrepreneur's Journey

Rooter : Never watch sports alone when there is a Rooter around you

Rooter is a continuous effort of 6 years to do something for better engagement of sports enthusiasts. After multiple failures and at-least 50 ideas going down the drain I finally came up with an idea which was beneficial and worth a try.

Awesummly : Realtime News Summary

The three of us resigned from our companies. Deepak moved to Noida with us and things started rolling. We had no directions that time.

Ubunanny : Certified Daycares to keep kids safe

We started with a common vision of empowered motherhood. Being career women ourselves, it pained us to see that women have to compromise their careers to become mothers.

Collobe : Journey of two 15 years old towards building their efficiency solution

It all started with my interest in computers & electronics when I was probably 4-5 years old. When people were happy seeing all the technological change around them, I was curious to know how things were actually working. From the ceiling fan to the television, I wanted to know all the science behind it.

BookMyChotu : Hire hourly helpers for Cleaning, parties & more @ INR 90 /hr.

So BookMyChotu is the baby born out of passion of two brothers who wanted to get ahead in the race of life. The first booking we received for BookMyChotu (early January 2016) was just because of the name as people found it catchy and amusing.

Chatar Patar : Your favourite Pani-Puri, now in 112 Chat-Patte flavours!

I am Prashant Kulkarni, founder and director of Chatar Patar Food Pvt Ltd. My journey started while I was working for a big software company and waiting for the cab back home. I decided to have roadside some pani-puri...

BoxerShorts: Drop your pants!

I decided to start my own apparel brand straight out of college. I had studied Finance from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University so had no idea about designing or manufacturing. I had never done a proper days work in my life so had no professional experience.

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